Gladstone Park Primary School anti-forced academy protest - 8 February 2013:

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  1. I run the web site as a platform for challenging the political destruction of education. I have tried the best I can to assist Roke School in their fight against the semi-illegal forced academy conversion process, and would like to help your cause if I can.

    At the very least, watch the Acad£mies and Lies video, and get armed with a robust challenge against the DfE. As that video illustrates, the consultation process they will offer is a total sham - it is a presentation to small groups of parents on what will happen with no negotiation.

    The semi-illegal but is that the DfE has broken its own rules for conversion - that a school has to be in an ongoing failed state, not a temporary blip. The forced conversion is also undemocratic - the school is not for the DfE's purpose but for yours, of course.

    Write to the DfE and get them to say in writing why they are converting you. If they reply, they will use soundbites to say how good academies are and how you are a failing school. Neither are true.

    So write back and force the issue - challenge them as hard as you can.