Background media coverage

The Telegraph - 26 April 2013
Academy boss quits over probe into school finances

TES - 26 April 2013
Academy chain hit with accounts warning

Croydon Guardian - 25 April 2013
Headteacher 'farce' proves Harris Federation consultation is sham, claim angry Roke Primary School parents

The Guardian - 25 April 2013
Michael Gove backs creation of Royal College of Teaching in attack on unions

The Telegraph - 24 April 2013
Tax questions for Michael Gove's £1,000-a-day advisers

BBC News - 23 April 2013
'Millions wasted' on inefficient academies scheme

The Independent - 22 April 2013
Michael Gove could face legal action over his department's failure to answer 85% of Freedom of Information requests on time

The Independent - 22 April 2013
Parents' anger at 'bullying' to turn their school into an academy

The Guardian - 19 April 2013
Michael Gove's education policies are like a bad buffet

Museums Association website - 16 April 2013
Museums urge Gove to rethink History curriculum

Letter in The Guardian - 9 April 2013
The Universities' Council for the Education of Teachers is quite right to challenge what appears to be Ofsted's blatant promotion of government policy rather than an independent judgment of the quality of initial teacher training (Speed read, Education, 9 April). For the last decade, Her Majesty's chief inspector of schools' annual reports have commented on the steady improvement in the quality of initial teacher training. The 2010/11 annual report said that, following Ofsted's three-year inspection programme of all ITT providers, most providers were judged to be good or outstanding. Importantly, the report stated that "there is more outstanding provision in primary and secondary partnerships led by higher education institutions than in school-centred partnerships or employment-based routes". How can it be that a year later, after inspections of 21 of around 200 providers, only four of which were higher education institutions, Sir Michael judges that this trend has been reversed?
Rhona Seviour and Norman Blackett
Former Her Majesty's Inspectors (Ofsted)

The Telegraph - 10 April 2013
Five-year-olds damaged by rise of 'spoon-fed' teaching

TES Connect - 8 April 

Ofsted faces legal action from inspectors

(Washington Post - 5 February 2013)

D.C. charter schools expel students at far higher rates than traditional public schools

The Guardian - 1 April 2013
Dear Mr Gove: Michael Rosen's letter from a curious parent

The Guardian - 1 April 2013
Competition will do very little to improve schools

Union News UK - 31 March 2013

Teachers to work with communities to oppose academies

(The Independent - 13 October 2011)

Private school parents are wasting their money

Academies and free schools miss the point - and they're deeply damaging

Lancashire Post - 29 March 2013
Academy battle victors

The Guardian - 29 March 2013
In Michael Gove's world who needs teachers?

The Guardian - 25 March 2013

The Independent - 22 March 2013

Teachers to demand resignation of chief schools inspector Sir Michael Wilshaw over 'stream of negative and inaccurate comments'

Burton Mail - 20 March 2013

School rejects academy plan

The Independent - 19 March 2013

100 academics savage Education Secretary Michael Gove for 'conveyor-belt curriculum' for schools

The Independent - 13 March 2013
Six flagship academies sent warning letters over poor performance

The Independent - 13 March 2013

Revealed: Leaked document exposes George Osborne's education cuts

The Independent - 13 March 2013

‘Dump f***ing everyone’: the inside story of how Michael Gove’svicious attack dogs are terrorising the DfE

The Guardian - 11 March 2013

The real thinking is coming from professionals, not policymakers

The Guardian - 11 March 2013

Education in brief: rewriting history; more bullying allegations; spotlight on academy governors

The Guardian - 10 March 2013

Primary school parents in row over takeover by academy chain

The Independent - 10 March 2013

Defeatist? Us? Pupil challenges Michael Gove to visit his school

Brent & Kilburn Times - 7 March 2013

Concerns raised that education in Brent is being privatised

The Guardian - Letter - 5 March 2013
With threats and bribes, Gove forces schools to accept his 'phoney' freedom
The Guardian - 27 February 2013
Schools to get report cards
The Guardian - 25 February 2013
Education in brief: is there consultation over academy status?

The Guardian - 18 February 2013

Michael Gove is making a mockery of our education system

The Wright Stuff, Channel 5 - 14 February 2013

Discussion with panel and public on academiesWatch the episode

The Guardian - 11 February 2013

The Headteachers who Fought off the Academy Brokers

The Independent - 10 February 2013

Secret memo shows Michael Gove's plan for privatisation of academies

Michael Gove answers #AskGove twitter questions during Education Committee evidence session

The Guardian

Labour calls for investigation into Michael Gove's special advisors

National Governors Association article about sponsored academy conversion

Academy schools: a flawed system that cannot be sustained(Guardian article on report of Academies Commission)

Is Gove now forcing non-failing schools to become academies?(Roke press release) 

Roke Primary School’s progress raises more questionsover forced academy conversion

Roke School objects to 'dictatorial' instruction to become an academy

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